“Richard is an extremely focused connector with a very impressive network. Richard has been helping me with funding for developments and has already introduced me to incredible funding partners. He’s very direct, which is refreshing, honest with a no-nonsense attitude. To work with someone with similar hunger and vision and the connections to deliver substantial funding is very exciting. I’d highly recommend working with Richard if you get the opportunity.”

Gavin Barry, Prosperity Partners

“I’ve known Richard for about 12 years now and have always found him to be extremely good company. He’s honest, diligent, direct and great fun. He has been helping me to raise both debt and equity for my projects for about a year now and has been amazing. He defends my business & I to the hilt if/when anyone tries to take advantage of us in the inevitable negotiations (or tries to pinch our projects/team) and he is exceptionally persistent in promoting us and following up on good funding leads/candidates. If you don’t work with these guys then you either haven’t met them yet (and you should) or you have more money than sense and you should get your head looked at and then go and meet them.”

Martin Skinner, Inspired Asset Management

“Richard’s energy is infectious, I have never met anybody so driven, passionate and the support in connecting me to various industry professionals has been invaluable. He persuaded a top UK Law Firm to host my book launch which has resulted in a huge following and sales. I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and his team at Endorse in Me. Keep up the amazing work!”

Sally Wang, BUY SMART

“Through his wide ranging list of contacts, Richard introduced us to an organisation which was able to benefit from our specialist business-to-business public relations skills and expertise. This is merely one example of Richard’s perceptive, almost uncanny, ability to think creatively and facilitate connections which can greatly benefit both parties.”

Bob Little, Public Relations Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Richard for 6 years, where we have collaborated on two excellent exhibitions with the legendary celebrity photographer Terry O’Neill. Richard is a genuine and honest person. Completely trustworthy and reliable, I am delighted to count Richard as not just a strong business partner but a true friend.”

Kuldip Chohan, Gallery Rouge

“Richard and I have worked on a couple of projects together and I have been impressed with the skills and expertise he brings to the table. Not only has he always delivered on time and on budget, he always seems to bring something new and different to the party which makes hima ‘stand out business partner. I have no problem in recommending Richard and his organisation Endorse in Me, a true professional!”

Gary Dingwall, RP2 Limited