My Heritage

2661My Great Uncle Billy (William) Evans was a professional boxer back in the 1920’s here in London. At the tender age of just 26 he was knocked out in a fight against his Danish opponent and sadly didn’t come through. The King of Denmark sent over a gravestone with his respects, thousands attended the funeral and Billy was Honoured with a Plaque at the Sparta Boxing Club in Copenhagen.


I believe firmly our family’s fighting spirit and determination came from Billy and his brothers (17 brothers and sisters in total) which includes my Grand Father Arthur Charles Evans which I named our funding company ACE Funding after. Arthur never saw a penny of my family’s success but was always so generous and was also taken away from us at a young age of 52 of Cancer which we put down to working in a factory working with ‘open’ acid vats as well as an avid smoker. I am sure in their wildest dreams they would not imagine my father would one day be a Lord, we think of them lots.