48 years in the making, it’s my Birthday and the launch of a new service, sorry it’s taken so long

Don’t mistake me for loving Birthdays at my age I just love waking up alive! A quarter of a century burning the candle both sides I do push it sometimes. 

As a networking junkie these 25 years please allow me the honour on my birthday to present to you our new service from our company Endorse in Me before I spend the day relaxing with my daughters and family. We are launching a unique high level business and lifestyle service for selected (pre-screened) professionals that require high level fast track support in business and socially http://www.endorseinme.com/business-and-life-style-service

Rest assured 8,700 connections on LinkedIn (many built previously over 25 years) has nothing to do with it, in a world that is all about preserving reputation you will appreciate we are very careful who we introduce to who, we are extremely protective about our network. Understanding is built, then we seamlessly make appropriate like-minded introductions which will benefit each party.

Meanwhile www.acefunding.org is experiencing rather interesting times since BREXIT with an influx and increasing investment in to our residential UK property developer partners. Bringing investment in to this great country is our life and ultimately providing affordable living to our nation. With Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) on a rapid increase here we are launching http://www.acefunding.org/services/octavius-real-estate from the last quarter onwards, in addition we are on the looking to connect ‘Principal to Principal’ looking to dispose and purchase genuine off-market yielding commercial assets across the UK. 

www.interestateseurope.com launched back in to the UK after 14 years away in the South of France providing a bespoke residential and commercial property service here in London for those looking to invest in UK property. It’s a personal customer experience not automated. 

www.hontheweb.co.uk launched nearly a year ago now which summarises my business interests and previous life.  I am so lucky to be surrounded by great people, my business partners, friends and family. 

Enough about me!

Celebration aside I am interested to hear about your experiences post BREXIT and how you think the economy is heading? I meet such a variety of interesting people from all walks of life (Billionaires, Millionaires, Family Offices, Private Equity) who’s views are proving to be polar opposite. One said “this is going to be the most amazing period in British history” closer to home I hear “Richard prepare yourself for one hell of a recession” and watching the TV last weekend I see my connection here on LinkedIn, fellow entrepreneur Touker Suleyman says we are in a recession already….interesting times for sure as the UK Trade deficit widens according to a thinktank.

‘With the prospect of low interest rates for longer and further central bank stimulus measures, along with a little more stability in the oil market ahead of a forthcoming Opec meeting, stock markets moved higher once more. Banks were also in demand as the post-Brexit blues wore off and a UK competition inquiry was less arduous for the sector that it had feared. Even signs of a slowdown in the UK economy from the latest NIESR report did not dampen the enthusiasm.’ (source; The Guardian Newspaper 9th August 2016) 

Listen, have a great summer everybody with your loved ones and please don’t remind me in 2 years I am 50. 

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