Greetings from Malaysia

Greetings from Malaysia

As one that is perhaps obsessed by keeping on the move I feel very much at home here in Malaysia, South East Asia. We arrived here in Langkawi on the 24th of this month, I took a couple of days out going back to Kuala Lumpur to meet a very well known, successful and absolutely fascinating property developer Dato Lee who treated my father Lord Evans and I like Kings quite frankly, he and his family welcomed us, with our friend Adria Dunn in to his beautiful home in the Centre of Ipoh the Capital City of the Perak State roughly 120 miles outside Kuala Lumpur. Dato Lee gave us a most informative upshot of the property current scene in KL (very useful!) We then flew to Singapore to meet more friends, again the hospitality was gracious and genuine. I’d heard so much about Singapore so the visit was embarrassingly overdue, I was very much impressed and have to say bar South Africa it is the best country I have ever been to by far. For those that have been you will know exactly what I am talking about, the cleanliness, efficiency, fantastic food, shopping, weather, the list goes on! Apart from the latter we, ACE Funding, are here to make new friends, to grow our business and to facilitate our own Real Estate Fund in London.

We plan to open a new London office with discretionary investment powers to invest in both development projects and yield producing assets in the following asset classes: Purpose Built Student Accommodation, PRS, Residential and eventually Leisure, Commercial and Hotels.

Malaysia is a country spurred by high technology, a strong knowledge-base and capital-intensive industries and with Adria’s help we have been able to tap in to some of the most influential business people here. Home to a dynamic business environment, technologically innovative firms and a well-developed infrastructure, Malaysia is a country on the move. But we understand without doubt doing business can be quite a challenge without local knowledge of the investment environment hence our decision to partner with professionals that share our passion to increase their wealth.

One of the most appealing aspects of Malaysia is that its high growth economy is backed up by a strong business environment. The World Bank and International Finance Corporation (IFC) rank it in 12th place in the world for ease of doing business which is hardly surprising on the basis of our experience thus far. My girlfriend Olga and I shall be sad to leave here naturally but at the same time looking forward to developing our business further in the UK.


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