Dad what do you do?

Dad what do you do?

For those parents amongst us there comes a point when your kids may  ask “Dad/Mum what do you do?” I had to think of an interesting answer quick to remain, I hope, a cool Dad, my answer could have been well I worked in media, sold out, re-entered and failed then decided to connect companies to equity connections utilising my networking skills and she would have gone to sleep there and then. But I resulted to the easy option “I herd cats and manage personalities” One thing have learnt about business over the years is it’s all about personality, relationships, trust and reputation. With my own core business that connects UK Property Developers to Equity partners it is evident that London is awash with both but it’s the capability to actually get a deal over the line, the development is there, the money is there not a problem, it’s convincing both sides the deal can be done and a ‘marriage’ can be created which will last. The returns for UK property development can be amazing but at the same time a disaster if we did not build a relationship with the developer appropriately in the first instance so we can believe in them, the funder also has to deliver not forgetting. My business partner Carl Davies and I are absolutely passionate about business and people, we don’t get turned on by fees so much as the restoration of our good name, it’s the opportunity to get a deal over the line – rewards will follow later.

Everyone I meet seems to be revved up about 2016, a mix perhaps of the result of the last recession where almost everyone was hit really bad, particularly property developers whilst it sorted the wheat from the chaff far too many decent developers lost their way, the trouble is creating a unique selling point. Super prime property is  very difficult to make a profit and every developer is climbing over the same deal it seems, it’s about finding a real gem, buying at the right price and adding as much value as possible of course. So a very long winded opinion, I might hone my answer in future to “I manage relationships, add value where I can”.  How would you explain your job to your kids?

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