I am no way a political animal but intelligent enough to take an active interest whether it makes sense to leave the EU, I am proud to be European and well as British. For Outers, leaving the EU will allow Britain to re-establish itself as a truly independent nation with connections to the rest of the world. To Inners, Brexit would result in the country giving up its influence in Europe, turning back the clock and retreating from the global power networks of the 21st century. What I am hearing from our investors for they are very concerned and slowing up on commitment before which is understandable as we experience with the Scottish Referendum. Those I have spoken to really don’t want us to leave, my heart tells me we should but my business head say’s absolutely no. I can see by leaving we shall also have more control over who enters the UK therefore reducing the threat of terrorism but then again being part of the EU we have access to records to avoid those entering. France said recently that there would be “consequences” for Britain if it left the EU? I can actually see both sides of the argument having spent time speaking to some very convincing people on both sides including my friend Mike Livesey who presents a very strong case to leave.

A study by the think-tank Open Europe, which wants to see the EU radically reformed, found that the worst-case “Brexit” scenario is that the UK economy loses 2.2 per cent of its total GDP by 2030 (by comparison, the recession of 2008-09 knocked about 6 per cent off UK GDP). However, it says that GDP could rise by 1.6 per cent if the UK was able to negotiate a free trade deal with Europe – ie to maintain the current trade set-up – and pursued “very ambitious deregulation”.

What is your view on BREXIT? What does your heart tell you versus your business head? In or out?

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