My First Blog Post

Hi! Welcome to my website and my very first blog…

As you can probably tell I am passionate about business and people and feel very honoured to have met some very special human beings in my life including Nelson Mandela, HRH Princess Diana, Sir Douglas Bader, Bob Hope to name a few. Business and relationships are all about trust so reputation is everything to me. I love working with true professionals that deliver, sometimes we meet to many people in life that just say yes, my policy is to be honest at all times and tell it straight, otherwise what’s the point? I love helping people but if I cannot help I will be to the point and sometimes a little too blunt for some peoples liking but that’s the way I am. I look forward to meeting more amazing people not just celebrities, embracing as many cultures as possible from all walks of life so perhaps we might meet one day you never know!

Enjoy what you do, treat people as you want to be treated and put something back in to society is my mantra.


All the best,


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